Installation Problems

Having some issues trying to get this installed. I’m looking to test 3.9 so i’m installing it inside of a VM.

I mounted the ISO and booted the system as normal, once it comes up i’m able to set network parameters, partitioning, and the timezone of the box. After the install begins i’m able to set the root account password but there ins’t any options for creating another account. Once the install completes and I reboot, it boots up to a basic Linux login prompt to which I can login using the root account created earlier, but after I log-in it just appears to be a relatively blank Linux system. I get no custom commands, no web gui, no Rockstor login banner at the CLI.

Anybody know what’s going on here? I’ve repeated this install 3 times with the same result each time.

Nobody on here can help me?

Hi @ericdude101 Eric and welcome to Rockstor :tada:

First step:
after installation you get a blank linux CLI showing your Rockstor machine ip, try to open a browser to that ip (with https://yourmachineip)

User management:

  • with linux CLI
  • from Rockstor WebUI over users page :wink:

Rockstor CLI commands:
You can find them under bin folder on /opt/rockstor/, but please consider using WebUI (Rockstor CLI -> swiss knife when things go wrong)

Waiting your feedbacks & further questions

Once again welcome! :slight_smile:



As I stated, the proper scenario you are describing here doesn’t exist which is why i’m reaching out in the first place.

On the console side of the machine all I see is:
Rockstor 3 (Core)
Kernel 4.8.7-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64 on an X86_64

Rockstor login:

There is no ip shown, there is also Rockstor logo, nor is there any preview of commands like ive seen on the console screen with previous implementations. The system is also not responding via the IP that was statically set during installation which at that time once set I was able to ping and verify functionality. It seems like something during the installation must be failing, i’m just not sure what.

Hi @ericdude101, first test: try to have a reboot and check again CLI (Rockstor first boot can be longer then next boots)

If this doesn’t solve, we’ll check logs


I got it resolved, it was simple after I knew where the default directory was.

After I found the command “nmtui” in the rockstor bin directory, I was able to get some insight on what was going on with network settings and interfaces on the system. It seems the interface name generated by the installer is different from what the kernel is trying to do, so when the installer boots up and I set the static IP, it gets assigned to a dynamic interface name (enoXXXXXXXX) which functions fine for the install, but after the system reboot, the same adapter with the same MAC address is now “ensXXX”. looking in the network manager I can still see and edit the config for the now dead “eno” interface, but the active interface “ens192” in my case, doesn’t have any ip config hence why I have no connection.

I deleted “enoXXXXXXXX” from the interface list in the CLI network manager and then set my desired ip settings to the “eno” named interface and everything came up. after making this discovery, I formatted the machine and reinstalled Rockstor from scratch and replicated this exact scenario, so im not sure if its a bug in the latest build, but at least I was able to get around it.

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@ericdude101 Nice find and reporting.

Do you fancy opening an issue with your findings over at the rockstor-core repo. Definitely looks like we have a bug there on initial boot when install involves a static ip. You could link back to this issue for context.

Please do consider preparing a pull request to address this issue, once created, as it would be a nice one to get sorted, and all the python code that deals with networking predominantly just runs ‘route’ and ‘nmcli’ commands and parses the output.

Please see our Contributing to Rockstor - Overview docs entry and specifically the Developers subsection.

I haven’t done much coding in this area for a bit so I’m not sure quite how difficult it would be or where exactly the fault might lie but at least we can start with the issue.

Thanks for your report and contributing your work around.

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@ericdude101 A further note concerning:

This is actually current (and rather inelegant) behaviour, at least on the initial boot. After a minute or two, depending on the system performance, this console message is updated: but the updated text is only displayed after a carriage return provokes console text redraw:

I have now opened an new issue in the rockstor-iso repo to address this.