Installation with virsh-install


I want to install Rockstor with 
virt-install -n Rockstor -r 2048 --disk path=/mnt/Daten/rockstor.img,bus=virtio,size=2 -c /mnt/Daten/Rockstor-3.5-5.iso --network network=default,model=virtio --graphics vnc,listen= --noautoconsole -v

Unfortunately, this leads to an error-message:
anaconda for Rockstor 3 started.
The following problem occured on line 13 of the kickstart file:

Specified nonexistent disk sda in ignoredisk command

I can avoid this by selecting Troubleshoot and selecting the Basic graphic Installer.

Unfortunately, in the Installer, the lower quater is missing, as the resolution of the virtual machine is lower than the resolution that the Installer requires. Is there any way to install nevertheless?



no hints, no Ideas?
Is there a Text-Only installer? 
Is there a keyboard-command to continue the installation?



with vncviewer localhost:1 -fullscreen I was successful now.

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Hi Hendrik,

Thanks for sharing the information. If you are up for it, please open a pull request on rockstor-doc repository to add this to the documentation.


@henfri that’s a nice find. It may not apply to your circumstance but the docs at have recently been expanded to include a Virtual Machine Manager guide:-
And as @suman noted the is up for pull requests. This repo is periodically used to create the docs at:- with the originals formatted in .rst or reStructuredText format and an existing Sphinx configuration is in place to test html format conversion.