Installer failes to run

Secure boot turned off. Boot from DVD. Memory test runs OK however when Install Rockstor selected, installer fails to run. I see a period of approx 20 seconds of blank screen followed by what looks like some kind of kernel dump and then processor appears to halt and I must do a hard reset.

Rockstor appears to me to be a redhat/centos based system. Isn’t there some boot/install options that might get around whatever is causing this?

Hardware is Asus amd mainboard with Amd phenom quadcore and 8GB ram. This is known good hardware and runs Centos 7 x86_64 fine.

Thanks in advance or any insight how to fix this,


P.S. I have booted installer from this iso on another machine without trouble.

I tried a previous version of Rockstor and it installed OK.

@perazim First off welcome to the Rockstor forum.

Your diagnostic does seem to point to the recent installer changes. But Rockstor simply uses a re-branded upsteam CentOS installer so not sure where we can go with this. Other than look for similar reports of newer CentOS iso issues. Haven’t seen any issues with the real hw here during testing.

You could try turning off / disconnecting whatever features you can on the motherboard during the install: by way of a work around.

As the installer is just re-branded, yes. Anything you can find suggested for similar issues on CentOS should apply here. Rockstor doesn’t really deviate from CentOS as far as the installer other than maybe a kickstart file setting or two, and the pics / naming of course.

Haven’t seen this as yet but maybe there are some clues as to it’s cause in the kernel dump message. Does seem like it’s some kind of hw probe in the newer installer that is triggering things given the dump / halt nature.

Sorry not much help there.

Thanks for the reply.

I will try the next release and report back outcome.


@perazim Or you could look for similar reports on installing CentOS iso’s as the Rockstor installer doesn’t differ much from these.