Installing MYSQL or MARIADB on Rockstor NAS

Hi I would like to know if I can install either MYSQL or MARIADB on my Rockstor NAS. I have a big collection of flac-files and to use the right musicmanager I need to install a database that can handle that amount of data. So my question is can I install a database software on my NAS or not?

I’m pretty sure that it’s possible. The underlaying OS is CentOS 7, so everything that works in CentOS works in Rockstor. Should be easy as that. :slight_smile:

Well would to know how I could do just that. Do I have to logon via SSH and install or is there another way?

Ah sorry, but you are right, SSH into the machine then follow these steps:

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Thanks mate, one small problem I can’t logon with my user account. And I forgot what password I have for root :frowning: :slight_smile:

root acc is needed for SSH login, so I’m afraid you have to reset the password.


I followed the reset advise but it didn’t work. Couldn’t find any Linux partition. :disappointed:

@suman has to help now. :frowning: Wait for his answer then.

Yeah that’s okey I’m not in a hurry. Thanks Yoshi for trying to help me.

hey guys,

this is an perfect example of a Rock-On extension - that’s what docker containers are maid for.
So you isolate each service in a container and only give him some space from the rockstor nas.

I’m still new to rockstor but don’t waste your time on the console on this if there’s already the concept of rock-ons available. I didn’t check this, but the documentation should have something about this.


I agree, you could look to make one from using the dockerhub -
Are you just looking for a stock install?

No clue if this works but if you go into /opt/rockstor and create a rockons-metastore directory then add this as mariadb.json, it should show up.

It’s late and i DID NOT test this, I wouldn’t run this on anything you can’t live without but it uses the mariadb docker package.

Not sure you need the web-ui port and I don’t know why I ask for the db port. The password is secret and I’m not sure that takes either but this should get you started. (sorry it’s late for me)

“mariadb”: {
“containers”: {
“mariadb”: {
“image”: “mariadb”,
“launch_order”: 1,
“ports”: {
“3306”: {
“description”: “Port for DB access. You may need to open it(protocol: tcp) on your firewall. Suggested default: 3306.”,
“host_default”: 3306,
“label”: “database port”,
“protocol”: “tcp”
“8080”: {
“description”: “mariadb WebUI port. Suggested default: 8080.”,
“host_default”: 8080,
“label”: “WebUI port”,
“protocol”: “tcp”,
“ui”: true
“volumes”: {
"/home/mariadb/.config/mariadb": {
“description”: “Choose a Share for configuration. Eg: create a Share called mariadb-config for this purpose alone.”,
“label”: “Config Storage”,
“min_size”: 1073741824
"/home/mariadb/data": {
“description”: “Choose a Share for all mariadb data. Eg: create a Share called mariadb-data for this purpose alone.”,
“label”: “Data Storage”
“env”: {
“description”: “MariaDB Database”,
“ui”: {
“https”: true,
“slug”: “”
“volume_add_support”: true,
“website”: “”,
“version”: “1.0”

Thanks but I don’t think I’m gonna do that. Just installed Rockstor last week and I’m completely new to this software. But I guess someone else could to this and put it up as a add-in.

That’s ok, i’ll actually give it a shot. I’m due to help this community and it could be a pet project. Maybe as a LAMP server or something similar. Wordpress is one that I might also do (all pretty easy). I’ll let you know my results!

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It actually worked I think! Let me clean this up and commit :wink:

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS                         PORTS                                            NAMES
73f5fa2f5696        mariadb             "/docker-entrypoint.s"   7 hours ago         Restarting (1) 2 seconds ago>3306/tcp,>8080/tcp   mariadb
8a37651ca93b        timhaak/plex        "/"              13 hours ago        Up 13 hours                                                                     plex
[root@rockstor ~]#