Installing Rockstor onto a pool

Hello - I have a system with four 1TB sata drives that I want to configure in RAID 10. I have installed RockStor using a USB stick, but of course it takes one of the hard disk drives as a system drive. I tried extending the “root” pool but I am not allowed to do this… Is there a way I can use my four drives as a pool and install the system on top of this?

@JCV welcome to the Rockstor community.

The way devices are managed in Rockstor, you probably won’t be able to use partition on a device to make it look like a separate device/drive. You could try to use a fast USB to house the OS/root drive and then would be able to use your four disks as data pool. Note the emphasis on fast:

Ideally you have a small SSD in addition (but you might already be restricted by the number of device ports on your current system, so a USB could be your only alternative).


Thanks very much - I have a spare SATA port, so will just swap around the disk from my hot-swap array and house the operating system seperately.