Installing Roon Server along with Rockstar (or via Docker/Rock-On)?


i’m new to Rockstor and instantly bought a 5yeear stable plan to support this project.

Today i installed Rockstor 3.8-13 on my Braswell MSI Mainboard (N3150, 8GB RAM, 240GB SSD for Install and 2 x 2TB HD for Shares). First i got a Failure Message which seems related to Grafikproblems with centos, so i used an old VGA monitor for installation. All went well, all HDs are there, one is initialized as single and a few shares are created and now i’m in the process of copying 1TB music to one share via smb.

One thing i need to do is to install Roon Server on the machine. So, i ssh’d into Rockstor and try’d to install it, but it failed because it need either ffmpeg or libav-tools present, also there is a need for the presence of cifs-utils upon install. yum didn’t work for installing this tools bc it seems not connected to the centos repos.

So, my question is: Could i install Roon Server along with Rockstor without problems or do you recommend to install it via Rock-On? If yes, how can i acomplish this?

Thanks for any Help or pointers in the right direction.


Hi @liebloserde, welcome to Rockstor Community!

My suggestion: use rock-ons! I personally don’t use them (office env, actually no need of rock-ons), but using them you’ll avoid messing up things