Integration of PEP as a Rock-on

WOuld it be possible to integrate PEPS as a Rockstor Rock-On. We use rockstor as our primary host for most of our data and it would be useful to use it to host our tasks as well.

@djevo1 First off, a belated welcome to the Rockstor community.

If there is a reliable docker image available for this application then the process to ‘wrap’ this in a Rock-on interface is fairly straight forward. Please see the file at the rockon-registry for instructions on how to do this. It is even possible to create a local directory in which your proposed json file Rock-on defining ‘wrapper’ can be tested, again the instructions for this are also in the file.

If you make any headway with this do please consider proposing it as an addition to the official rockon-registry by way of a pull request on that repository. It would then be made available to all Rockstor users.

If you have any problems constructing the json file there are many forum members who have already created Rock-on json definition files for existing docker images so there is likely to be help available here. If no existing docker image is available then that would be the place to start first as it is a prerequisite of a Rock-on.

Hope that helps.

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