Interesting Btrfs userspace tools?

This is more generic btrfs question. I’m just getting started with btrfs and its tools, just wanted to hear from experienced btrfs users, what’s your favorite btrfs tool so far in your experience? I like btrfs-select-super :slight_smile:

While learning BTRFS, I tried put together some code which will dump csum of a specific file If you have comments/suggestion let me know. thanks!

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Thanks for sharing it @lakshmipathi_g. What would be the practical benefit of this that could be of use to our community?

@suman_chakravartula . In general, btrfs user can use this output to develop their own rsync/dedupe related custom solutions.

Possible usecases:

  • if someone want to custom rsync. instead of send-receive (as mentioned on above SO)
  • Determine dedupe decision.
    For ex, existing offline dedupe tools like duperemove - calculates the csum from
    data instead of using stored csums.

If I’m not wrong, existing BTRFS tools doesn’t perform block level dedup. with help of exposing csums, block-level dedup can be achieved.