Is anyone backing up to Backblaze?

The title says it all. Is anyone backing up to Backblaze? If so, how are you doing so? I’d love to set up off-site backups, but I haven’t found a good way of doing so through Rockstor directly.


My quick answer to this was “I am” but now that I read your post I’m not so positive on my eagerness to help… So I’m not doing my B2 backup directly from my NAS, I have a Ubuntu VM running on my ESXi host that does all of the leg work. Veeam does the backups via NFS mounted shares and then i use HashBackup to upload to B2, so nothing is actually done via the NAS itself.

It would be possible to use HashBackup or similiar software like Duplicati and run it directly from the NAS as it’s running on a CentOS base.

I’m not a user of either Backblaze or Duplicati, but as you mention it, we do have a Duplicati Rock-on that would allow to go this route. This may be worth exploring…

Thanks for the info! I finally set up Duplicati and it’s syncing files nicely.