Is LDAP still broken?


I’m trying to connect Rockstor to my OpenLDAP server. I’ve pressed the spanner next to “LDAP” in the list of services, and added my ldap server and DN. But when I try to switch the service on it immediately switches off again without error.

I notice there is an issue about this dated Jan last year:

Is the LDAP service still broken? If not, any idea which log contains diagnostic info?

Many thanks

This is true, unfortunately :frowning:

I currently do not have an LDAP test environment to make this a priority. But please +1 and add your feedback on github if this is important to you. I’ll be happy to bump it up on the roadmap if more users express demand.

For now, to make LDAP service work, looking up CentOS documentation/tutorial is your best bet. Pull requests are very welcome too, of course. Sorry, this is all I could say for now.

I would love to have LDAP available to me. Currently I am using FreeIPA in my environment for LDAP works pretty good. I initially wasnt a fan of FreeIPA but it grew on me once I started using it more as well as the DNS features are nice for small networks and as its name implies it’s free opensource easy to set and configure and plays well with other systems.

Hope to see this feature come through in the near future.