Is there any idea if multi nic cards help the system with being a media server

i have a server that i am working on putting in service with the need updates and the question is can you bind the nic cards togeather and will that help its out put. i have 2 one gig nics and all the other stuff to go with them.

Hi @dsullivan,
having multiple nics let you apply for teaming/bonding and this is obviously good (Rockstor feature by @suman) : 2 1G cards used in teaming/bonding don’t mean you’ll have a 2G card, but nearly something like this -> max current speed = nics_total / total_concurrent_users.
Example: 1 user working on your media server has 1G full use; 2 users will have each one 1G full (1G + 1G) / 2 users; 3 users will have 2G/3 speed (instead of 1G/3).

Please consider this is a really simplistic explanation, teaming/bonding have different options and behaviours.


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