Is there ISO download for Rockstor 4?

No worries Ryan, enjoy!


I have no idea about how to do the Linux type commands to build a bootable, install kit for the new version 4 product. I’m very new to the roll it yourself NAS concept and am driven to attempt it after a very reliable NAS box was abandoned by its creator with no way to update it.

I was able to build a older version of version 3 but when it tries to update the software, it breaks.

I would really like to go ahead with the version 4 product but building a installer myself is beyond my abilities.

If you can help, I’d really appreciate it.



John, you say it’s beyond your abilities but if you are prepared to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty I’m more than happy to provide guidance. The top-level steps are:

  • Create an OpenSUSE Leap 15.2 build environment, either bare metal or a VM (I used the latter for my x64 installer build)

  • Grab the source from Github

  • Pull the trigger, cross your fingers, and wait… preferably staring at the screen with a coffee/tea in hand to see all the wonderous activities as your installer is born

Ok, so I simplify it somewhat, and there are some opportunities for pitfalls, but we can get into the details as we go forward.

I have sent you a message too.



I’m sure I’m not the only one - but instead of going private on providing the details of the build - it could be of great help to others too - even if it were to double check to see that they were not missing a step.
Please do consider posting your conversation in this thread for interested readers.

@dvgeek Welcome to the Rockstor community.

All details of how to build the new installer are available in the ‘recipe’ repo here:

If you are having specific difficulties with the DIY installer build do please start a fresh thread detailing what happened. Also, it may be that our more recently contributed vagrant approach would work better for you. See the following subdirectory readme in that same repo:

Hope that helps and apologies for not yet having any downloads of this. But we are still in pre-release stage. But I hope to soon have 4.0.5 ready and this is looking very much closer to our intended feature parity with our old CentOS based varaint; ready for our next stable release which should coincide with the download availability once we get one or two more hoops jumped through.

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@dvgeek Hi and welcome to the world of Rockstor :slight_smile:

As @phillxnet mentioned all the relevant resources are available in his links - I found them most comprehensive and complete. I did post my experience of the Pi4 build here, complete with some tips and thoughts etc:



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Hi everyone. Very new to rockstor so sorry if this has been noted before but…

This thread got me wondering why there isnt a docker or rockon image for building the v4 release iso.

@DrC, welcome to the Rockstor community. I think, at this time it’s more a matter of prioritizing the remaining work before V4 becomes the official Rockstor release. @phillxnet and @Flox as the current main contributors/owners to this effort have had their hands full with getting to the official release baseline. So the iso release (and its automatic generation, etc.) has taken a backseat to that.

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I have a recent ISO up on my github here which you can try if you want.
It’s built on a virtual machine and I’ve also only tried to run it on a virtual machine for my own testing purpose, so there’s no guarantee it’d work on your hardware though.


@vnt87 Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Would you mind emphasising that your ‘offered’ prebuild ISO installer is not ‘Official’. Thanks. It would also help if your Readme would link back to our recipe repo.

That way you are being more transparent about how you created the installer in the first place, and hopefully helping to spread the word about how we try to enable folks to build their own. This will also help as your own repo falls behind our own.

Also you do not specify which profile you used. The Leap 15.3 could be the build system on which you build the ISO or the OS on which it was “Built on …” Plus the recommended edits in our Readme would help in this regard by producing a more informative and less generic file name.



Gotcha, I’ve updated my Readme accordingly, thanks for the tips


I have created the generic iso for rockstor 4.0.8

Which you can download from the below link

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Bless you! I can’t wait to try it!


Later EDIT:



Pallab Borah IS DA MAN!!!

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@Tex1954 Good luck Mate

Ooomg, thank u! Been looking for this!

Wish I had seen this. I built a dockerfile for use with rockstor-install.
It’s the same as the dropbox version. I’ve added a USB writer.


If anyone wants to roll their own…

@azilber Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Could you please take a look at my post to @vnt87 regarding their GitHub upload of an un-official Rockstor build.

Nice idea re the docker image to host the installer build by the way. Maybe we could host an official one in the rockstor-installer repo. Anyone up for a pull request on that one? That way others can chip in to refine it and it could add to our currently two ways to build: natively, and via the buildbox (build in kvm) method. An addition to the Readme would be good on that front also. Plus we could setup a docker image created from the docker file as per our recent moves on the rockstor-doc repo were we also have a GitHub build/hosted docker image to aid folks in contributing to our docs. See the following issue on this addition:

Where @Flox added a github workflow to that repo to build and host the docker image.

Hope that helps in contributions back to the rockstor-installer repo where we might pool our efforts.

Also, once established, there may be a place for a Rock-on wrapper for this. Bar the difficulty of passing the parameters i.e. Profile etc. And likely one-off use making it less fitting as a Rock-on. But might make for an interesting addition.


Okay, done a lot of testing with Rockstor 4 and wow! The 10Gb (1GigByte) transfers are MUCHO faster and more even! It seems the disk algorithms are improved so as to mostly keep up with the high transfer speeds. Now I have two problems for which I can not find a solution. Also, I don’t know what caused the problems… me or magic butterfly…

  1. One of the sub-directories on a major share suddenly shows HIDDEN and nothing I can do seems to fix it. This happened when I installed Rockstor 4. All permissions are 777 and verified. I thought I had lost 3TB off data until I changed my view option to show hidden files, and there it was.

  2. I need to know how to break a Raid-1 and combine 2 disks into one.

Thanks for all the help.

PS: As I knew it would, my 10 year old workstation finally bit the dust rather suddenly and loudly! Took me a while to get something up and running until my new system is built… also turns out the 1200W lifetime warranty PSU maker is no longer in business… LOL! Big BANG and FIRE shot out of it…


PPS: New setup is based on Corsair 678c in all white with the water cooled Ryzen 5950X CPU/mobo combo.



That is pretty straightforward through the GUI, from the Storage - Pools menu option.
Select the pool in question, and at the bottom of the Pool Details page click on the ‘Resize/ReRaid Pool’ button.
On the next pop-up select option 1. Modify RAID level only
On the next pop-up select the new Raid level, probably ‘single’ for what you are after (check the documentation first)
Follow remaining screens through and this will start a ‘Balance’, which is converting to your new raid level. This could take several hours, so be patient, however during this time the system and data is still available for use.
The balance status can be seen on the Pool Details page.


Okay, it worked after I did the the update thing. Looks like there were about 130 updates to 4.08 to 4.09 and my problems were corrected.

The more I use the 10Gb LAN (works tons better with 4.09), the more I appreciate the speed of the SSDs in my setup. However, I am starting to get more greedy! LOL!

I’ve decided I don’t like to wait for the LONG transfers from HD to SSD and visa-versa. The HD’s can transfer 140MBs more or less so if I put 7 or 8 of them in RAID-0 I could get the speed I want. That would mean a complete chassis change though and I would try to avoid it at this point. Sooo, I am going to reconfigure the setup somehow, we will see. All I really want is 10TB total space, so maybe I can do something different.

Anyways, so far so good with 4.09!!!