Is there ISO download for Rockstor 4?

I grabbed the latest ISO that is 3.9, following the links in the documentation. Troubleshooting a CentOS error during the boot-to-install media that my new hardware (Intel family 6 model 122) is not yet supported, I found that actually v4 is the better platform, but checking again, the code is available but not an ISO that I can boot from. If that is not available (maybe I’m looking in the wrong place) and not a priority (meaning not going to happen soon), then I can do a base OS install and use the instructions to step through it.

Aside from that, I am delighted to find the Raspberry Pi 4 is a possibility - I purchased an Intel-based small NUC-like computer because I misunderstood the hardware requirements. As a separate effort from the ISO boot install, I might try out the Pi option. As a newcomer, I haven’t actually used Rockstor yet, but thanks for everyone’s effort because at face-value, this looks like a great contribution to the community. Rock on!

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Welcome aboard @Ryan_Bender !

I have built v4 installs for both x86 and Pi4, both were very successful when you follow the appropriate resources on here, depending on one’s comfort level with all things Linux of course.

Happy to provide some input/support if/when you need it.

When I have time in the morning I will drag out some links for you.



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Thanks, Geoff. Don’t bother because I am reviewing the GitHub instructions (link). I was mostly in search of an ISO download if there was one, but I’m satisfied with installing the OS and prerequisites first. I appreciate your offer to drag out some links - it’s optional as far as I’m concerned, but may be useful if someone comes across this post in a similar situation. Thanks again!

No worries Ryan, enjoy!


I have no idea about how to do the Linux type commands to build a bootable, install kit for the new version 4 product. I’m very new to the roll it yourself NAS concept and am driven to attempt it after a very reliable NAS box was abandoned by its creator with no way to update it.

I was able to build a older version of version 3 but when it tries to update the software, it breaks.

I would really like to go ahead with the version 4 product but building a installer myself is beyond my abilities.

If you can help, I’d really appreciate it.



John, you say it’s beyond your abilities but if you are prepared to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty I’m more than happy to provide guidance. The top-level steps are:

  • Create an OpenSUSE Leap 15.2 build environment, either bare metal or a VM (I used the latter for my x64 installer build)

  • Grab the source from Github

  • Pull the trigger, cross your fingers, and wait… preferably staring at the screen with a coffee/tea in hand to see all the wonderous activities as your installer is born

Ok, so I simplify it somewhat, and there are some opportunities for pitfalls, but we can get into the details as we go forward.

I have sent you a message too.



I’m sure I’m not the only one - but instead of going private on providing the details of the build - it could be of great help to others too - even if it were to double check to see that they were not missing a step.
Please do consider posting your conversation in this thread for interested readers.

@dvgeek Welcome to the Rockstor community.

All details of how to build the new installer are available in the ‘recipe’ repo here:

If you are having specific difficulties with the DIY installer build do please start a fresh thread detailing what happened. Also, it may be that our more recently contributed vagrant approach would work better for you. See the following subdirectory readme in that same repo:

Hope that helps and apologies for not yet having any downloads of this. But we are still in pre-release stage. But I hope to soon have 4.0.5 ready and this is looking very much closer to our intended feature parity with our old CentOS based varaint; ready for our next stable release which should coincide with the download availability once we get one or two more hoops jumped through.

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@dvgeek Hi and welcome to the world of Rockstor :slight_smile:

As @phillxnet mentioned all the relevant resources are available in his links - I found them most comprehensive and complete. I did post my experience of the Pi4 build here, complete with some tips and thoughts etc:



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