Issues with multiple NIC's - VM PoC prior to HW build

I am running Rockstor in a Hyper-V virtual machine to confirm some use cases I intend to use once I build the HW to run it in production.
I have 3 NIC’s all three with assigned (DHCP) IP addresses
I want to assign one of the IP addresses solely for management via Web-UI/SSH and the rest teamed for accessing the exports (NFS and CIFS).
Whatever I do I get only the interface providing the Web-UI to ping and be accessible via CIFS
I cannot ping the rest of the interfaces (regardless if teamed or separate) from the VM host machine. I can however ping all of the interfaces if i SSH to the Rockstor VM. I see that firewalld.service is stopped and disabled.
My final use case is having one 10Gbe iface for point-to-point communication with my ESXi server, second set of teamed NIC’s for my LAN users and a third single interface for management.
could you please advise how should I setup this?

Welcome to the forums!

You should be able to add the other interfaces from the Rockstor web UI. It’s been a while since I’ve done this on my setup (a HP microserver with two NICs), and you might have to fiddle with Rockstor’s ngingx settings to keep it from binding to all the interfaces, but it’s certainly possible. Frankly, I don’t exactly know how CIFS et al are bound to interfaces.

Also, I’ve noticed that sometimes the whole network setup only properly activates after the second reboot, but that might’ve been my luck or impatience back then.

I’m fairly sure there’s more knowledgeable people who can add more info. :slight_smile:

It seems the root cause was that my virtual environment was poorly built. Last night I did actually build the server and it performs like a charm.

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