Jumbo packets possibility

i want to enable jumbo packets but im not very familiar with linux command lines… help?

Hi @Karney_Chen,
we have an open issue with this :wink:


oh thank you so much
by the way does anyone know how to change the state? my computer supports 1000 yet it is using 100
also what is the command line used to change the MTU?
sorry for asking so much im a noob

I think that’s a graphic typo. I show the same but if you run ifconfig on the cli it clearly shows 1000. You should be able to set jumbo frames using nmtui on the command line. It’s a text based network configuration. I’d give that a shot.

@magicalyak Do you fancy opening an issue on the 100/1000 issue to help make sure it doesn’t get forgotten?

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I set my LAG up with mtu 9000 but no matter how many times I click submit, the webui still shows as 1500.
cat /sys/class/net/LACP_01/mtu shows 1500. Is there any other way I can force 9000mtu?