Just download rockstor and i can't acces Web UI (newby edition)

I just download rockstor and i can’t acces my web ui with the IP. It take me 10 hour to download the program and now it won’t work. I saw a lot of threadabout this on the forum. But im a newby in the nas community. I don’t know to fix those problem even while reading other threads. I don’t know how i can connect via SSH to find all the information needed to fic my problem…

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wow, 10 hours to download? Were you downloading from sourceforge or torrent?

@fred It may be worth looking at our Pre-Install Best Practice (PBP) doc if you haven’t already. Specifically the Check Integrity of Downloaded ISO File section. Also during install and first boot an internet connection is expected and given it took 10 hours to download the ISO yours at the time was probably suspect. I’ve had installs fail when my internet was bad as there are a number of packages that are needed that if they fail to download can upset the install / first boot. I believe this situation has gotten better but don’t think it’s completely sorted just yet.

And as @suman asked which download method did you use. If it was via a torrent did you have a throttle active, also at least in the UK many ISP’s severely throttle torrents anyway which only leaves the Sourceforge option really.

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@phillxnet @fred I am having the same issue. After installing and rebooting, you cannot access the device over SSH or HTTP(S). The device is pingable though and shows a command line locally.

I think the issue is that RockStor cannot start as there is a problem with the Django config. When trying to start RockStor locally in the console, you will get the following error:

django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: The SECRET_KEY setting must not be empty

I do not know how to fix this and where. Does anybody know what to do to get it running?

@fred 10 hours would be about a 256 kbit connection. Remember the days when you had 256 kbit DSL and considered it fast? Not even 10 years ago.