Kernel Panic after update to 3.8.11

I updated my machine using “yum update” and now it doesn’t work with kernel 4.3.3, I get:

VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)

Still works on kernel 4.2.5 but I get a warning that is not supported.

Any solution?

Hi @lightglitch, It’s OK to continue to use 4.2.5 kernel. What are your system specs?

Ok @suman, my system base is:

ASROCK FM2A88X-ITX+ (specs)
AMD A8-7600 APU (Radeon R7)

A normal sata disk for the operating system and 8bg of ram.

And the software is based on 3.8.9 with the updates.

Hi guys,

As I’ve emailed to support before (thanks @suman for the quick and through reply, much appreciated!), I had very similar issues updating to 3.8-11.

Just a question for you first @lightglitch, does your rockstor still function propperly after reboot it with the previous kernel?

And in light of this general discussion: when I reinstalled (not recommended - but I was kind of in a bind to get things running in under an hour) I had my drives disabled, so the USB-drive was /dev/sda. Now after installation and readding my drives, they are listed differently!

  • Sata3 device 0 = /dev/sda
  • Sata3 device 1 = /dev/sdb
  • USB3 device 0 = /dev/sdc
  • Sata2 device 0 = /dev/sdd
  • Sata2 device 0 = /dev/sde

Strangly, it all just works, but my Rockstor system volume which is on the USB3.0 drive, is no longer SDA, but SDC.
This might have been my I softbricked the kernel / SMB & SSH & Rock-ons & NFS?

Not sure if it is good form to append my (related) issue here, or whether a fresh topic was called for. Please let me know.

I have same problem. Kernel panic with 4.3.3 kernel. It will boot with old 4.2.5 kernel, but Web GUI does not work. I tried running initrock, but no success.

I have a ASUS Z97-P motherboard with Intel Core i5-4460. And two Sil 3114 SATA-controllers.

Updated with online upgrade (just after paying…) :frowning:

I just replied to your support e-mail @qtech. The issue in your case is a yum issue due to which rockstor-pre failed and as a result other services do no start. This is intended behavior on a rockstor-pre service failure. I am going to make rockstor-pre more robust against yum failures to fix this for good. But I do like to inform everyone reading this that in case of samba or web-ui not working, it’s most likely that there is a core system problem and it’s better to just e-mail or post to the forum than to run initrock yourself.

I’m not sure if this fits here but after upgrading to 3.8.11-01 I encounter some issues while rebooting. I click Reboot in the WebUI, system reboots but stops after loading the kernel. the status bar is near the end and it get’s stuck there. It looks like the first line in bootloader is in fact kernel with debbing enabled. The second line in bootloader is the normal one. Is there a possibilty to fix that manually?

I see the problem, sorry for the trouble @Yoshi. I’ve added this to my list of checks for next time. We need to do a better job while rolling out kernel updates.

This will help

grub2-set-default "Rockstor (4.3.3-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64) 3 (Core)"

Thanks for the quick help. It’s working again. :slight_smile: