KVM Install on ProxmoxVE with Virtio Storage Fails


I’m trying to install RockStor in a KVM on ProxmoxVE using Virtio storage & the installer fails because it doesn’t see a disk called sda- they’re vd(a,b,c).

So I created an additional 1G SATA disk to satisfy the installer’s limitation & got through the installer. Then I tried booting after removing the 1G SATA sda disk, & it drops me into an emergency shell- won’t start. Even if I leave the 1G SATA sda there unmounted, I still end up with the emergency shell at boot.

Is there a file in the iso I can maybe edit & remove this dependency on sda?

Install your RockStor installation on a SATA disk. After installation, power down the RockStor install and change it into a Virtio based disk. This will require creating a new Virtio disk, then copying over the SATA based disk on top of it.

To clarify, for the sake of the next guy who comes across this:

a) Install to SATA disk identified by ‘SATA0’

b) Select disk ‘SATA0’ & click ‘Remove’

c) Select ‘Unused Disk’

d) Click ‘Edit’

e) Set disk to ‘Virtio0’

f) Set ‘Boot Order’ in Options to boot from the Virtio disk


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