Latest News about BTRFS

Hey all, new guy here testing out Rockstor. I’ve seen several of you are all on the BTRFS mailing list and have some valuable inexperience using this FS (which is new to me).

What is the “current state of affairs” in your guys regards? Any news coming across the wire that you can share for those of use still on ZFS looking to jump ship over to BTRFS?

Thanks in advance, and appreciate everyone’s help/time!

Depends on what you’re looking for. To note, since Rockstor’s last Kernel update there have been some pretty big changes.

My personal highlight reel would be:

  • better TRIM support
  • (Limited) Swap support
  • zstd compression on mount

Some people are also awaiting some of the RAID5/6 stability changes, however it’s still not considered stable and suitable for production with these fixes.

More work still needs to be done on recovery methods. While the FS is pretty damned good at not breaking data (at least in stripe/mirror), in the event that something does break, it continues to be a dog to recover things.

The general take away here though is:
Don’t use parity RAID if you like your data.