Leaving windows

hello i have used rockstor before and i went back to windows now i am ready to try again. my question is i have a portable storage with 2 disk raided as one. with all my media on them. will RS be able to import this with losing my media. thanks

What do you use to make your RAID ?
Personnaly, I’ve used mdadm, RS seems to support it (I’ve made a little test but I need a confirmation to know if it’s really supported).
But, I had to delete my partitions. I don’t know why…
If you made your RAID with btrfs, maybe it will be supported without losing your media.

the portable storage device has a selector switch i chose jbod. for the most space for now.

Well, I’m not a professionnal about this but I’m afraid that is not compatible.

ok thanks for the help