LIO Target On Rockstor ,Windows initiator connect error

I got an ‘Unable to login to the target’ error Using Windows iSCSI Initiator,when I configure an iSCSI target on Rockstor with LIO.But I connect successfully using a CentOS7 iSCSI initiator.And it also works when I configure an iSCSI target on CentOS7 with LIO. Could someone help me find out what’s the problem ? Something different between the Rockstor kernel and CentOS7 kernel about LIO-target?

PS: Rockstor version is 3.8-8.

Yes. Rockstor runs a more recent kernel from elrepo. I think I now know why you are trying to build Rockstor on CentOS – to use the default CentOS kernel? Because we need newer BTRFS changes, it’s really not recommended to run default CentOS kernel on Rockstor. But nothing prevents you from doing so. For troubleshooting purposes, I suggest you boot into default CentOS kernel by choosing the right entry from grub. If you don’t have the CentOS kernel installed, you can install it with yum install kernel command. Boot into it and see if LIO works. Good luck and let us know!

hi,suman,thank you for your reply,Yes,I want to use the default CentOS kernel.But I figured out that centos7.1 now support BTRFS,which kernel version is 3.10.0,Is it possible to support Rockstor?
And I update the kernel to 4.2.2 ,it also have the same connect error problem,so it maybe other things I have to setup in the new kernel to support LIO.

It would help the project if you can pinpoint the exact problem in Rockstor kernel so we can fix it for everybody. But as I said in my previous post, you can run the centos kernel and ignore the unsupported kernel warning if you want.