LIVE DEMO on website

It just hangs. Also the “contact us” email page is broken.

Demo is back up. It was down due to a network problem which is now resolved. Thanks for letting us know.

Demo seems to be down again.

Thanks for the note. I am going to revive it soon. Also, the demo branch is old software. I’ll see if I can update it to the latest.

The demo is back up, but it’s still old 3.0.8 version.

Seems to be down again.

It’s permanently moved from the website. We are working to provide a demo that stays on par with our fast releases auotmatically. We’ll add it back to the website when we achieve that. Sorry for the inconvenience in the mean time.

We are bringing the live demo back. I think we can do a better job now of maintaining and up to date demo. Before making it public, I want to give our forum members access for some time. Feel free to use the demo to the fullest and provide feedback here. I’ve disabled shutdown and reboot, but everything else is pretty much open. I have concerns about unwanted data getting uploaded to shares, and I am thinking about ways to curb it without altering user experience, if possible. Your ideas, suggestions, questions, comments etc… are welcome!

Access the demo here with username rockstor and password rockstor.

@suman It isn’t loading for me, but it might just be me.

loaded fine for me just now.

@suman The URL I’m being sent to is Is that correct? I also tried plugging it in to some proxies (just google free web proxy and the first couple links) and none of them were able to connect either.

ok just updated the url in the forum post, thanks. Best is to click the demo button on the website, that will stay current.

Ah I didn’t realize, I had only seen this thread. I’m up to speed now! :yum: