LMS unable to see share

I have just set up my Rockstor NAS with Logitech Media Server and I’ve created 2 shares which holds my music collection. When trying to connect LMS to the second share I’m unable to locate it from within LMS!? I am (however) able to connect and copy/move files to and from the share from my networked computers (a happy mix of Linux, Mac’s and Windows boxes), and my share appears in the Rockstor share-config screen alongside my other shares. In LMS my first music share is named ‘/media’ and in the Rockstor share list I have named it ‘/Music’ and my second share (which is located on an other drive-pool BTW) is called ‘Music_2’, and this share is invisible to LMS!

Does anyone have a suggestion for me?
Thank you in advance


The fact that you can’t see all shares from within the LMS container is due to the nature and design of docker containers themselves. In order for LMS to see another share on your Rockstor instance, you can simply add the desired share as an ‘additional volume’.
See the post below for details:

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Thanks, that worked perfectly…it’s all about understanding the basic thought behind the systems I guess :sunglasses:

Yep, I agree… I was in the same situation at the beginning. Now it makes a lot of sense to me but at first I was not familiar enough with Docker containers.
As a note, however, some Rockons offer additional information of this kind when hovering on the “information” icon. I don’t know about LMS, but it usually is worth having a look.