Long time between updates

Hey, i have a question regarding updates. I have bought a subscription for stable updates, and on the information page where you can buy it it states:

“Stable updates are released once in 3-4 weeks where as testing updates are released 2-4 times a week.”

Last stable update was released 23th june (approx 4 months ago). I have got all the features to work as I want them in my rockstor box and i am very happy with it so this is not something i write for complaining. I am simply a bit curious about why it takes this amount of time?

Hi @mrblomblom,
checking 3.8-15 (next stable) related forum thread you’ll probably notice there’s been lot of coding on Jun-Jul, a little stop on August (I say mainly because of holidays) and back to code on Sep-Oct (Please check pending pull requests over Github, that 99.9% will be on next stable).
Checking forum thread you’ll also notice @suman had desire to wait for a new stable while having some major tasks completed.

Hope this answer (while waiting for @suman talk) will satisfy your asking :slight_smile:


Thank you, it does indeed satisfy my questions!

Hi @mrblomblom, this cycle has taken exceptionally long, and it’s totally my fault. I rather wait than release something that’s not tested well. Everything is actually looking good as of today and I plan to release the update soon. Thanks @Flyer for your comment!

This is the first time we’ve failed to maintain our usual cadence. I am bummed about that, but we’ll make up for it. Regarding your subscription, I plan to extend them so you get 12 x (1 or 3 or 5) depending on your subscription level. I know you are not complaining and I appreciate your perspective, but we do feel very responsible on our side to deliver.

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