Lost WebUI password RockStor 4

Hi All,

I have messed up and I can no longer get access to the WebUI.

I have root access to the server via ssh and via a keyboard to the server but when I use the command


I get this returned

Error changing password for user: admin. Check the username and try again.

My install is onto a vanilla install of openSuse 15.4 and then RockStor installed into that.


@agjbond007 Hello again.

You could try a re-install using our new “Built on openSUSE” 15.4 based installers, now available from the downloads page. They have pre-installed our latest 4.5.5-0 Release Candidate 2 build.

We could do with some testing of these as it goes. Just take great care to select the correct system disk obviously, and then import your existing pools (assuming you didn’t accidentally tell the installer overwrite one of it’s members).

Hope that helps.

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Hey @agjbond007, I think @phillxnet suggestion is the easiest and fastet way to get an running instance again. I just built “my own” Leap 15.4 Rockstor iso some days ago. It ran smoothly and really didn’t take much time (except for the build process itself, which can be bypassed by the pre-built iso from the download page).


Hi @Mark93 & @phillxnet,

I rebuilt my server in the end with a fresh install and all is good now thanks both.