Low pro Atom 2GB ram: playable?

Hi! First time I pass over a forum with such nice features as Rockstar I thi k[1]. Woow :-p

Thanks to mondaiji I’ve stumbled upon Rockstor as I happen to build a small backup server out of older hardware ASAP. According to the requirements my old Intel Atom netbook stands at the very bottom… And similar posts do speak of needs & hardawre that all are in the higher range. So about the hardware below, has it some real bottleneck to run Rockstar a good few months for our basic goal?


  • Incremental backups over ssh (rsnapshot)
  • and Data files sync relay (syncthing)
  • <100 GB for 2-5 hosts
  • (small media server)


  • Reliability (ie. over speed)
  • Upping competencies for both data scenarios and tools (RH based OS mngmt a +)
  • Users: M Smith frindly gui client side; CLI (ssh, tmux) admin side
  • Modularity (expandability, docker friendly, packages management)
  • Security a plus as our current hardware limitations allow


  • Ethernet connection (10 MB/s localy, 0.1/1 for distant hosts)
  • Atom 1.6 ghz x86_64, 2 gig DDR2, hdd (or better, flash memory) disk.
  • 2 hdds (1 at a time swapped once a week) ↔ [Inaltek fd1006c][2]


  • Linux systems as clients
  • Android & windozw for data sync only
  • Rsnapshot. TODO: How to handle the disks swaps?
  • Syncthing (open to similar cross-platform secure tools)
  • tarsnap (or alike lol )

I’m pretty sure about the hardware part as the other boxes we have available all have 32bit cpus; and we just replaced three end user boxes ;-} The Atom n450 box that’s left does run Arch fine light multitasking with big apps included. Even runs Fedora 23 (Viperr mix) fine other than any dnf operation. GPU’s its weakest part. Note: experienced linux user as the admin, goes the kiss/cli way.

Optionnal questions :

  • If running Rockstar on a dedicated high quality usb stick (and use its Momentus 5400.6 sata drive with perfect SMART tests reports as a backup one), would lower the OS reliability by far? I.e. up to better buying a SSD?
  • Luks encrypt the backup hdds with this “monster” cpu, hmmm ?

Thank you for reading and possible advices/feedbacks!

[1] a condsiderable challenge from ssome android device though


[2] http www inateck.com/sata-2-5-to-usb-hdd-docking-station-fd1006c

Hello, someone who tried to run Rockstor on a low-pro diy hardware?
I mean for basic features.

Welcome to Rockstor community @datruche!

I don’t see why it wouldn’t run(you have run Fedora 23, pretty close to Rockstor). I have run it on HP Mini for a while and even briefly ran it on Raspberry Pi 2.

Currently, the lowest perf box I have is an Intel NUC, but I wouldn’t really call it low perf.

Give it a try and let us know how it works out.