LSI SAS2004 HBA Driver Firmware match

I’m new to Rockstor and I’m struggling with my crossflashed LSI 9211-i4 IT mode (originally IBM H1110).

I’m running Rockstor inside a VM based on Proxmox PVE and passed-through the HBA card and it works, but when I try to get data from an external hard drive, it throws a lot of I/O errors. So, my first thought was that maybe the SFF cable was faulty and replaced it, but the I/O errors persit.

Then I thought maybe it is an incompability with the HBA firmware and the driver, so I checked the cards firmware version and it is
dmesg | grep mpt
[ 2.211026] mpt2sas_cm0: 64 BIT PCI BUS DMA ADDRESSING SUPPORTED, total mem (4044936 kB)
[ 2.266866] mpt2sas_cm0: MSI-X vectors supported: 1, no of cores: 2, max_msix_vectors: -1
[ 2.292408] mpt2sas0-msix0: PCI-MSI-X enabled: IRQ 28
[ 2.292412] mpt2sas_cm0: iomem(0x00000000fea90000), mapped(0xffffc90000b84000), size(16384)
[ 2.292413] mpt2sas_cm0: ioport(0x000000000000e000), size(256)
[ 2.390201] mpt2sas_cm0: Allocated physical memory: size(7579 kB)
[ 2.390203] mpt2sas_cm0: Current Controller Queue Depth(3364),Max Controller Queue Depth(3432)
[ 2.390204] mpt2sas_cm0: Scatter Gather Elements per IO(128)
[ 2.434689] mpt2sas_cm0: LSISAS2004: FWVersion(, ChipRevision(0x03), BiosVersion(

Then I checked the driver version:
modinfo mpt2sas
alias: mpt2sas
license: GPL
description: LSI MPT Fusion SAS 3.0 Device Driver
author: Avago Technologies
srcversion: 47AC7E48B433097EC7E1AE2

Do firmware and driver need to match or more specifically, do I need do downgrade the HBA firmware to LSI P15?

Thanks for any hints on this,