Mail server not in Rockstor?

Hello , i am trying Rockstor for a couple of days, it seems nice and the layout is good.
i like the rocks-on shop .

What i am missing is a possibility to have a mail server. i want to back up my mail also on the server.
It this also a option?
If so it there a manual to do that?



@Ron_janssen, welcome to the rockstor community. As far as I know, there is no Rockon that has the feature. since there is a docker container available (e.g. which is fairly comprehensive with additional services to facilitate mail management/protection), you could consider creating (and submitting to the repository if you like) a Rockon based on that. I believe that container provides you with options to add all kinds of storage volumes, which would allow you to store your mail on the Rockstor volumes, etc.
In the github repository you find quite a few details and examples in the readme files on how to set up (and contribute).

Or someone else on this forum has similar needs and is interested in setting up a configuration file that can be added to the Rockon library.