Management IP different from actual IP used to Display UI when using multiple network interfaces

Upon boot of Rockstor 3.8-5 in a 45Drives Storinator filled with 1TB Drives with multiple network interfaces including a Supermicro 10 Gigabit NIC Card (AOC-STG-i2T) and 2 onboard 1Gbit NICs, the system prompts you to point your browser to Management IP: My case is
I then go to the UI and login as normal, however the Management IP says This is not correct. Doing an ifconfig in the Rockstor box shows the following:

The IP for enp2s0f0 displays the correct IP to get onto the UI but not the right management IP located in the top left of the UI. So while this is not a major issue it could be a bit confusing for some of us.

With that said, if you go into the Network Interfaces section in the UI and edit the current interface (my case it is enp2s0f0) and just press “submit” , this will create a network config file in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/. This seems to fix the Mgmt IP after you logout and then login back in the UI.

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@rmacqueen Welcome to Rockstor community.

Sorry it took me a while to respond. We are aware of this issue, but thanks for putting all the details in one place. I’d like to address this in the next update. There are a few networking related enhancements in the pipeline. Here’s the issue of this one.

@rmacqueen, just want to update that this got fixed as part of the following pull request.If you are on Testing updates, you can test it for yourself. Or you can wait for the 3.8-9 stable update.