Map network drive in rockstor?

Is this possible? Tried to read opensuse leap 15.4 documentation, but could not understand how to mount a remote folder.

Anybody know?


You can’t really do it via the Rockstor WebUI. However at the command line level there are multiple options. The effort mostly depends on

  • what type of remote folder (NFS, Samba/Windows Network, etc.) you’re trying to connect to
  • how “remote” is the folder (i.e. inside your network, outside, need fully encrypted connection to it, etc.)?
  • you want it as a permanent mount

Fundamentally, what you can do in other Linux flavors for mounting other filesystem/folders, you should be able to do under OpenSUSE.



There are both NFS and Samba shares from two other NAS (Synology and Openmediavault) inside my home network. Don’t need encryption, and want a permanent mount.

I guess it’s similar process to Ubuntu (I have done that several times), install NFS-common, make a directory to mount to, sudo mount xxx, and edit the etc/fstab file as described here How to Mount NFS File System in Ubuntu 20.04

But I’m not shure it’s the same commands in opensuse.


The nfs-client and nfs-kernel-server should already be installed in Rockstor, since you can create NFS exports of Rockstor shares. Same goes for the required samba packages.

The mounting process is the same as in Ubuntu, making it permanent should also be (I am not aware of special treatment inside the fstab).

Note, Rockstor uses /mnt2/ as the standard mounting point. If I remember the /mnt/ directory is usually only used for sftp if I remember correctly. But that should not preclude you from creating mount points for your remote connections.

I don’t believe that you will see the mounted shares in your WebUI cockpit, but I could be wrong on that. However, you should be able to access them on the command line like any other one.
With that said, if they are not available there, you won’t be able to use them directly during any Rockon configuration as they are not “Rockstor-recognized” shares. But I have not tried that scenario.

@phillxnet, are there any other things to consider before mounting non-Rockstor paths in either of these directories?


Thank you!

Did not need to install anything, mounting both nfs and samba share were identical to ubuntu :slight_smile:

And accessible to duplicati (installed using docker cli)