Massive Problems while booting from SSD


I´m running latest .13 build of rockstor on my HP N40L.

In the past i´ve used OMV which was working quite well.

Now i migrated to rockstor a few days ago because i like its clean design.

For the first run i´ve installed rockstor on an usb stick - that was working good,

Now when i did the final migration i´ve installed rockstor on my Samsung SSD830 and it very often hangs during boot, I can´t explain the problems exactly @ the moment,.

Systemd etc., dunno what kind of errors… i´m glad that i just got it booting in recovery mode,

So my question is how can i provide you guys the debug.log?

Thx in advance!



btw i am running a single pool that consists of 3 HDD´s


I’ll stay on my USB stick for the first time.

But it would be nice if anyone does already have some experience with using SSD on HP G7 Server and could tell me. Maybe I’ll get another one later.