Media Server (Photo/Video Sync & Management) Suggestions

My wife and I both have iPhones and Mac computers. She takes a lot of photos & videos - close to a terrabyte of home videos and pictures (pretty much all of our four year old daughter). She used to sync them with her computer using iPhoto, but after we hit a certain point - it was just too much data.

On top of that, I have all my photos and videos that we’d like to keep in the same ‘library’ (whatever library means). Both of us have some photos/videos on iCloud, some on facebook, some on flickr, some on vimeo, some on youtube, etc. It’s a nightmare to find what we’re looking for and there is no ‘central’ location where everything is stored and backed up.

Anyone have any solutions or advice for this type of scenario?

I’ve not used it myself, but Plex seems a commonly-recommended solution for your needs.

I have setup a syncthing server where all pictures/videos are sent and then i have CrashPlan backing up to their secure cloud.