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Hello all,

If I install sonarr, radarr, torrent and plex to my nas how can I share 1 folder between those dockers?
What’s the best way to do it?
The plex working fine with transcode process?

Hi @noorbertt,

Yes, you can easily share a Rockstor share between rock-ons, using the “Add storage” button found in the post-install rock-ons settings. You will find more details on how to do so in one of my older posts linked below:

Note that a corresponding documentation has been created and merged, and should be published soon:

As a final note, I would recommend creating a dedicated share for each volume required by each rock-on you will install, and then creating additional share that you will add to each rock-on with which you want to share it. Make sure that permissions are setup correctly as well, either by changing the share owner or by changing the Read/Write permissions (all from the share details page).

Sorry for the short answer; I’m in a little rush but this should help you set what you want with your rock-ons.


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Thank you,

Its works jut fine now:)
Thx again!

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