Method for automatically syncing iphone pictures to Rockstor

Has anyone found a way to automatically sync photos from an iphone over a LAN to Rockstor? Currently I am simply uploading pictures from my iphone with SFTP. It works well enough, but is also a manual process and would prefer something automated.

I am running Rockstor as a VM on a Proxmox hypervisor.

If it is of any help, I’m doing it manually using SAMBA and FE File Explorer on my iPhone. I’ve not explored an automated method.

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I believe SYNCTHING can do that sort of thing - there may be a Rockon available for it.

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@GeoffA Re:

Yes we have this and it is included in our “Rock-ons with write-ups” doc section here:
See “Syncthing Rock-on”:

But this approach would require a syncthing app for iPhone. Haven’t looked into availability on that front myself.

Hope that helps.


It’s getting more interesting now… it looks like there is a syncthing client for iPhones -

Note that I’ve not yet tried it. I’m enjoying the day off with a grandbaby and no one else is awake, leaving me time to enjoy a coffee in peace & quiet and expand the to-do list for when I get home.