Migrate btrfs pool from usb to sata


I just start using/testing Rockstor, and really happy with it. For my first install i use a HP T620. Because the limitations of the hardware, the OS disk was on the m.2 NGFF socket and the data disk was connected over USB. I just bought a msata to sata adapter so now I can connect the data HDD by sata instead of USB. For what I understand from the wiki it should be no problem, it will be detected and I should only import it. I’m correct?

Thanks for everything

@potes Welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

Yes that should work. And you may well find that there is no actual need to import. Assuming you using the same system disk install. As long as the system is shutdown before the drive switch-around - the new boot-up should be able to pick-up where it left off. This does depend on if the prior USB attachment ‘faked’ a serial for the drive however. We track drives via their serial, but re-sense what we can re pool members etc on boot-up.

Let us know how this goes however as there are always improvements to be had. If you are transitioning this data pool disk from one Rockstor install to another, then yes an import will be required.

Hope that helps, and if there is an issue the version of Rockstor you are running and some pics of disk/pool overviews should help with folks helping here on the forum.



it worked without any problem. The system was another T620 (the new one with an additional mSATA), but the system disk was the one I used on the first install. I attach the HDD (before connected by USB) on the mSATA, boot Rockstor and everything working as before.

Thanks for the support, great work