Migrating from unRAID

Hi, there.

I have unRAID running now, and I’m 90% happy with it. However, my main concern is that it doesn’t protect against bit rot using any btrfs features. In addition, security on it is a last thought. e.g. no HTTPS on the admin page…

Right now, I have 4 x 4TB disks in a Mediasonic enclosure and a 5TB external usb3 drive. One of the 4 TB drives and the 5TB drive are set up for unRAID parity. Two of the 4TB drives have a significant amount of data, and one has a very small amount (it could be freed up easily).

I just got migrated to it, which took a couple weeks to get it set up and copy around 6TB of data. I really don’t want to copy all that data from my backup disk space again, so I am wondering if I can take those btrfs data disks and somehow build a rockstor pool out of them with all the btrfs protections features that I’m looking for.

I searched for an answer to this, and I couldn’t find one. I appreciate any input!