Migration from TrueNAS Scale with Truecharts kubernetes apps

Has been running Truecharts apps on my TrueNAS Scale for a few years until IX-Systems pulled a plug on helm and kubernetes support as of a new release. Also I was looking at Rockstor as an alternative which at this point becomes more and more feasible. A few questions before an installation - is there a way to migrate my data from zfs pools over to Btrfs. Are the apps all docker based or are there any other options? What are the cloud capabilities ? Is there any other support channel besides forums - like IRC or any other instant messenger?

Hello again @Volkodav .

Unfortunately, the only way you can migrate them over is by copying the data from the zfs pools to the new btrfs ones at this time (using rsync or any other tools you might prefer). Unfortunately, that also means that you can’t reuse the zfs pools right away, unless you’re restoring that data from a backup you’ve created on a different system before (which would of course, always a good practice to have).

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