Minor appman.rockstor.com maintenance

Doing a little Appman maintenance, shouldn’t be down for long.

I’ll post here when it’s back up again.

Appologies for no warning and any inconvenience.

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OK, so all done this time around and all looks to be up and running again.

I’ll be scheduling another ‘stint’ soon for something a little more significant but just wanted to get this little task sorted directly. I’ll use this same post again I think next time but with some notice of the downtime hopefully.

Cheers and apologies if this caught anyone unawares.


So again we have some projected downtime for maintenance on the server hosting Appman.

Services affected:

  • Appman https://appman.rockstor.com/ 5
  • Testing and Stable rpm repo access.
  • And related to the rpm repo access, our DIY installer builder will also not ‘find’ it’s testing rpm.

Scheduled intermittent down time from 3:30 pm UTC +1 for around 3 hours.

This should have no affect on running servers other than a hopefully short break in their respective rpm update access for their Rockstor repo only. All other updates, curtousy of zypper’s defaults, will be unaffected. Older CentOS installs may refuse to apply any updates (yum defaults) due to the single ‘broken’ rockstor repo.

N.B. I’ll update this thread when all appears to have settled; or otherwise of course.

Apologies for the lack of warning and any inconvenience.

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All done now.

The affected services were down, during the specified period, for just over an hour in total. With a single block of 45 mins.

All now looks dandy, only, as per rockstor.com’s server maintenance earlier: just a little bit more shiny.

Again apologies for these interruptions in our services.