Mirror OS/system disk

Hi, folks. Just started using Rockstor and it’s really hitting the mark with my storage needs, but I’ve moved from a Linux machine where I had a software RAID1 mirror for the OS, and I wondered what would be the best way to achieve this now in Rockstor?

I know that the previous guide for CentOS was recently removed (Remove legacy "Mirroring Rockstor OS using Linux Raid" · Issue #466 · rockstor/rockstor-doc · GitHub) but I wondered if there were any plans for a new How-To or any guidance? I’m not particularly familiar with the way that SUSE sets things up.



@iainhallam welcome to the Rockstor community. While I probably don’t have an answer for you, I am curious why you feel you need a RAID1 mirror for the OS? I always thought that one of the benefits of Rockstor was that the OS and the data are completely separated. Since the installation of the base OS on a separate disk takes about 5 minutes and when using the configuration backup to restore the previous settings that adds another 5 minutes (granted, it requires to keep a backup of the configuration some place else), so in case of having to restore the appliance one is back in business very quickly. I don’t believe that the RAID1 read speed improvement for the OS disk makes much of a difference in the overall performance of the appliance. That’s more noticable for the data disk RAID decisions one makes.