Missing Activation Code

I’ve been waiting 3 days for my activation code, all emails to support have either gone unnoticed or ignored. I had an issue with my mail server, but since then all emails were delivered.

The only response I’ve received was from the forums where someone was looking into it, but I haven’t heard anything else.

I would like to activate stable releases since I paid for it.


@hammerite Hello again.

I’m the:

And all I’m afraid I was able to do was privately email @suman in my capacity as forum moderator and long time code and doc contributor. We, Rockstor, appear to have a single point of failure on this one as, at least currently, @suman as project lead is the only one who can sort this as I have no admin rights on the activation code system, or knowledge of it unfortunately. So we definitely need a better fail over scenario than currently exists. However there is nothing more I personally can do, other than to, rather obviously, suggest that you double check your spam folder.

Sorry to not be of any further assistance in this rather mutually frustrating scenario. Please be patient and lets give it a little more time as I don’t know yet what has happened.

I have emailed again with a link to this thread so I suggest that we keep this thread on the topic of the undelivered activation code.

Apologies again but we are just going to have to wait this one out for the time being. Also there is likely a San Francisco time zone issue at play here. I’m on UK time currently.

It is also not advisable to post your motherboard unique UUID on the forum so assuming you have included it in one of your emails it should have been recorded (also in the original order), so I am going to redact it as a precautionary measure.

Keep us posted on any progress on this rather unfortunate circumstance.

Lets see how this pans out, hopefully we will end up with a better fail over arrangement going forward.

As a last very obvious check I assume you have received the email indicating that your ‘item’, the activation code, is being prepared with a link to the progress page where you can check it’s ‘status’?

Thank you @phillxnet. Sorry I was unable to respond quickly as I was traveling.

@hammerite sorry for the delay but you should be all set now. I’ve replied to you with all the necessary information for your new subscription. I’ve also refunded you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You @phillxnet @suman guys are awesome, it’s working now, I didn’t need a refund. I’ll be buying another one or two in the very near future. I like this appliance suite very much. TBH it’s quite elegant yet simple. There are a few other choices out there. I’ve used many of them, and none have been as easy to use nor as flexible. I highly recommend this to my colleagues. I’m glad to get this appliance off the ground & running cleanly, as I needed to ensure it was totally patched. Now I just need to configure replication!

Thanks again to you both.