Missing Pool in GUI and missing files in share

So I restarted my Rockstor server and I notice my pool is missing my user share (pool is full of files by looking at disk usage). I can access my share on my windows pc but it is empty and I can’t see it on the GUI.

Yeah one of my sas drive was marked as foreign for some reason. Probably was with an illegal passport.

This usually means the Pool is not mounted. Prior to 3.8-14.04(which is probably your case) samba looks like it works, but all it’s doing is exporting the empty directory. But in 3.8-14.04 or after, samba refuses to export the Share if it can’t mount it.

Keep getting this error on boot and even the same on a fresh install on a new disk. I have a 4 SAS hdd and use a thumb for all the install so the 4 sas are free to act as storage.

How do you mount the pool? Once I get Rockstor to boot that is since I don’t see the option in the GUI.