/mnt2 mount errors and confusion

I just updated from Rockstor 3.8-13.18 to 3.8-14.08. After a reboot my rockon Gogs forgot it’s configuration. I did some research and now I’m completely confused.

I have a pool called data that is mounted under /mnt2/data. Until now it seemed to me that shares in that pool, e.g. repos are available as:

  • /mnt2/data/repos and
  • /mnt2/repos

But now there are suddenly some shares like config where

  • /mnt2/data/config is not linked to
  • /mnt2/config anymore.

The Gogs rockon is configured to use share config and obviously initialized /mnt2/config while /mnt2/data/config still contains the old data.

What to do now?