Mobile app for Rockstor

I have been using Rocktor for over a year.
My server is a home build PC NAS with 2X2TB HDD RAID1 setup.
It is a great setup for my home to share and mainly photos among my family.
I was wondering if there’s app I can install on my android phone to access the folders from my NAS.
Something like Nextcloud app?
I have a VPN already running to access my home shares from outside.

@meazz1, since you can already VPN into your home network, can’t you just use one of Android’s file manager apps and connect to any shares on your NAS that you have set up as an smb export? For exampl, the more recent Samsung phones are delivered with one to browse your internal files as well as cloud drives and has the ability to connect to a generic network storage using the smb protocol.

Of course, I assume you can set up the NextCloud Rock-on and then go from there?


I’ve used an Android app called ASUS File Manager before. It’s totally free, and ad-free.


Thanks folks.
I will try both NextCloud Rock and Asus file mgr.

I think I killed my rockstor.
I was trying to enable rock-on and install NextCloud and did something.
Now, I can only access it via commandline, no web gui.

is there a way to reset, restore or upgrade to 4.0 via command line to see if it fixes it?
Otherwise, i will have to rebuild everything from scratch.

@meazz1 I can chip in re:

If you have not used you system drive for any additional shares, the preferred arrangement, then you can can always import your existing data pool/pools from a new install.

There is no upgrade other than config restore after a pool import, assuming you have previously saved your config. A Rockstor 3 to 4 move will always require a re-install of the system drive. But the data pools are treated equally between the two major versions. Thought it’s probably best not to go back to 3 after having imported a pool from 4, but I don’t think the on-disk-format has changed so it should be possible.

Hope that helps.

Why don’t I see a download for 4.
I only find 3.9.1 iso.

version 4 is not officially released yet, but it’s close and has mostly feature parity now with the Centos based version. There are a couple of ways of how you can fairly easily build it yourself based on this:

you have to the option of building it using an OpenSUSE VM if you already happen to have one, or, alternatively you can use the vagrant approach with a Mac,other Linux distro or windows machine (it’s in the same repository under the vagran_env folder).
@phillxnet can give you a better idea/explanation why it’s probably better to move to version 4, as any future bugs/issues found will likely not be retrofitted into the CentOS based version.
I built an iso last week for version 4, and there are others on the forum that successfully moved to the “next level”. So, if you run into an issue, you should get some good help from everybody around here.