Mod_proxy support?

It would be nice to have access to Rockstor behind my gateway Linux box. You can easily do this with mod_proxy. But the file reference paths can be a bit wonky. So some applications require support.

Could we get mod_proxy support added?

I have not used mod_proxy before, but that’s a Apache module right? Rockstor does not use Apache, it uses Nginx. Perhaps someone can get this to work manually using the equivalent nginx module and post the details here.

I think you’re misunderstanding what I am asking. I use mod_proxy on my gateway, which is NOT my Rockstor box. It proxies requests from my gateway Linux box to my Rockstor box. There would be no software configuration on the Rockstor nginx server. This is purely having something like proxy my requests internally to my rockstor box on

He’s asking for rockstor to be proxy friendly, so either by using exclusively relative URLs, or by making the base URL configurable.

Yup! Thank you for explaining it better than I did :slightly_smiling:

Can we get this feature added sometime in the future?

+1 making Rockstor reverse-proxy friendly would add significant value.

Is there any news regarding Rockstor adding reverse proxy compatibility? It would be quite nice to access Rockstor’s GUI outside my network.

I’m also interested in using RockStor behind a reverse-proxy. Any thoughts on incorporating the features required to make it proxy friendly? Thanks!