Motherboard change

i change out my mother board out and now i can’t activate with my key anyway to fix this.thanks

@kenneth_mccombs Hello again. Yes, if you email support as listed on the contacts page: and explain or link back to this thread. They should be able to put you right.

The relevant part of the docs on this Stable Channel issue reads as follows:

“N.B. Re-installs will require re-activation of the stable channel. However, every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate, via email (, the transfer of an existing stable registered appliance UUID to that of a re-installed system. Please be patient as the practice of this method improves response time.”

We need to update this text to indicate this is only required when changing the motherboard. Thanks for bringing this doc issue to light. I have opened an issue in the rockstor-doc repository to address this:

Thanks for helping to support Rockstor development.

Hope that helps