Motherboard Query

Hi all
I’m looking for motherboard advice - specifically around those integrated small ATX/ITX form-factor ones.
My trusty and old AMD board has finally given up - and to be honest it has done sterling work since about 2005 (yes -old!).

The case is nice and roomy, so want to retain that, but a new(er) mobo is what I’m looking for Rockstor use.

So, I’ve been nosing about on t’net and seen those ASRock integrated mobos with built in CPU’s which use just passive cooling and they look interesting. One less annoying fan.

It’ll just be serving up docs/audo/video files over Samba, probably no other ‘services’ like Rockons etc.

Does anyone have any experience of this type of mobo? Or any advice would be welcome really.

Answers on a post(card)…



So in the end I bit the bullet and pressed ‘buy’ on a Gigabyte J3455 board, and 8GB of RAM to go with it.
An easy replacement, and working fine - certainly more sprightly than the 15 year old dual core AMD it replaced. And quieter without the CPU fan.