Mount network folder on Rockstor

hello, i am trying to mount a folder from my VU+ Uno 4K (linux satellite receiver running on enigma2) to my Rockstor installation, so can have videos loaded into Plex.

After a bit of reading i’ve installed sshfs on the RS and then from ssh:

sshfs -odebug,sshfs_debug,loglevel=debug root@ /mnt2/rst-media/videos

the directory loads and from ftp i can see all the files, but plex won’t find any. it is not matter of file format, name, etc as i’ve unmounted the directory and uploaded a file file.ts and plex was quick to find it and list it.

tried other methods for mounting but still result is the same. did not go to the fstab route yet, just wanted to try before you buy basically (don’t want to kill my server).

so my question is if it’s about permission, so basically i can see the files from ftp but they are not “visible” to plex. the whole hard drive on the vu+ box is shared with samba, and the box itself does not require passwork.

any help would be appreciated, thank you.
ps permission on the video folder and files is set to 755