My First NAS - Trials and Tribulations

Finally got around to building my first NAS. As an amateur photographer, I am rapidly running out of room on my OneDrive and my minimal Adobe Photoshop storage, so I need something larger to store my photos on. Starting small, just 2 -1TB drives for now until I get used to administering a NAS. Currently having trouble trying to create pools and shares. Any shares I create seem to want to populate the OS drive and I don’t want to fill that up. Trying to create a pool, it doesn’t give me the option to select one of the other drives. When I click on what seems to be a drop-down for the drives, (Disk Name) nothing happens. Is there something I need to do in the drives window to enable this menu to recognize them?

Never mind the question as to Pools. I played around a bit more and found my way to get it done in the Disks window. Once I tweaked a few settings, both drives showed up under the Select disks headers.