My first Rockstor build

I just built my first Rockstor server. I did install the Centos version first but decided to jump over to the Suse version before I even started to use it. Now running Rockstor version: 4.0.6-0 on Suse Leap 15.2.

My server is running on some old hardware from my previous desktop:
Intel® Core™ i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz
24Gb Ram
Two 1TB disk and one 2TB disk that is running in Raid 5 (What can possibly go wrong :rofl: )
If this server is working well I will add more and bigger disks in the close future.

I’m a photographer shooting both photos and video. From my main desktop, I’m syncing all my photos to a Qnap NAS with additional backup to the cloud. But so far I haven’t had any backup of my video stuff. This is where my Rockstor comes in. I have started to copy my videos file to the Rockstore server by SMB but in the long run, this seems like a bad idea for me.

So my big question is, is there a sync client that can handle both my Rockstor NAS and my Qnap? I have had a short look at Syncthing but have not installed the Rockons for it yet. I have installed the Rockon OwnCloud-Official with MariaDB but have not tested it yet.

I almost forgot to tell you that this is a one user network but still I like to access my files from my cellphone/pad and my laptop.

Do you have any suggestions on how to do my sync?

Roy Arne Olsen

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