My usage of Rockstor

Having tried several NAS systems I was looking for something with not to much overkill to install on my VMware ESXi server and found Rockstor. I will only need it for sharing NFS and SFTP, so perhaps a little overkill :smiley: But I have to admit, I might be going to use it for more. I like the way you can add disks, shrink and resize your pools, really great tool I hope it will grow to a great but mostly very stable system.


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Thanks for adding your story @TheRavenKing. I find it interesting that you use NFS. Is this for work or home use?

@suman I want to use it at home, all we run is Linux Debian :blush: we have only a virtualised windows left, but would be glad if the last programs are replaced so we can purge windows… The free esxi server is a great help, we run Virtualbox on the desktop. But I prefer esxi for some situations.